About Us

GameLink is the original online adult store. Founded in 1993, GameLink is one of the leading international online retailers of adult entertainment.

GameLink focuses on online distribution of adult content through its website GameLink.com, which provides an enhanced user experience and state-of-the-art functionality. GameLink maintains distribution agreements with major adult content providers and offers over 100,000 titles available in multiple popular media formats. The company has established an industry leading reputation for innovative online retail and eCommerce solutions and strives to provide unparalleled customer service.

It was early 1993 when GameLink uploaded their first digital catalogue to a BBS, advertising it on Compuserve and AOL. Central to GameLink’s strategy was the development of a sophisticated database to enable scalability and superior customer service. The company’s roots are in selling CD-Rom games (hence, the name GameLink), but when a friend suggested adding an adult video to their selection, GameLink received more orders in one day for the adult video than all orders for games in the previous week. GameLink quickly shifted their business plan to fill this overlooked distribution channel.

GameLink’s litany of “industry firsts” includes online sales of videos; the industry’s first dynamic database-driven website with comprehensive indexing of stars, producers, and production companies; direct tie-in to inventory and order-management systems; real-time order tracking; streaming video; real-time personalization; secure pay-per-view high-bandwidth video on demand; Stream-to-Own™ video on demand; and dynamic merchandising tools for affiliates.

GameLink’s first-in-class video on demand solution is now integrated with GameLink’s comprehensive indexing database and personalization tools, making the GameLink infrastructure among the most sophisticated and successful enterprises on the Internet.