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Vulcan Amateurs #48

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Danny is a dangerous street thug with a couple of tattoos and a bit of an attitude. He removes his

clothing to expose his lean muscular body, then relaxes as Vulcan massages his uncut prick to an intense

orgasm. Danny enjoys his interaction with the camera, occasionally smiling or winking to the audience as he

gets off. Danny stands after he cums, and the audience is treated to close-up shots of the excess cum

dripping from his now flaccid cock. In the second part of the scene, the camera explores Danny's hairy balls

and crotch as he masturbates to a second hot load. Again we see Danny's cock in close-up mode, as the cum

slowly drips away.


In scene two we are introduced to Marin, a muscular Latino with a handsome face and multiple tattoos on

his arms, torso, and back. Vulcan unzips Marin's trousers to expose a delicious uncut prick that soon rises

to the occasion, releasing a fountain of cum from his hairy balls. Then Marin leans back to expose his hot

hairy crotch to the camera as he blows a second load, this time over his muscular thigh.

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Starring:  Danny
Attributes: Handjob, Cum on Self,
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