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Spy Quest 2

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2007 Grabby Award Nominee for Best Art Direction**

Spy Quest 2 is jizz-packed proof that sequels can be sensational. You don't need to be an undercover agent to find out what a stunning collection of cock has been crammed into Spy Quest 2. And you won't be keeping your own under cover when you catch the hellacious fucking goin' down in this thriller.

Spy Quest 2 comes across in bold strokes, there's just enough story to get a spectacular cast of secret agents and double-crossing counterspies into their next hard-on collision. Spy Quest 2 ends with a shocker twist and a literal explosion, but not before sensational TitanMen Exclusives Jake Deckard and Spencer Quest outshock all their previous performances cumming together for

the first time in the must-see finale. These super studs don't just screw. They detonate. It's a flip-flopping, multiple ball-busting blaze of high power, sweaty man fuck.

And Jack is back! Classic TitanMan Jack Simmons the star of Titan's "Jacked Up" makes his first film in three years, working over tough guy Troy Gamaun (Side Effects; Turned On: ManPlay 23). Happily nasty, hairy-chested Ken Mack (Alabama Takedown) rocks it with the salacious new star you can't get enough of, juicy blond Brad Star (Side Effects; Turned On: ManPlay 23). Following a

mesmerizingly acrobatic debut in Cirque Noir, Cobalt's eye-poppin' hard-on plows into nasty guys Zackary Pierce (Side Effects) and new TitanMen Exclusive Cole Ryan who's getting over the real-life virginity he lost in Closed Set: Titan Stage One in a really big way.

Scene One

Mobile Surveillance Van. Ken Mack tops Brad Star.

The intrigue and treachery is launched right away. Commander Quest wants Agent Mack to track the notorious Black Fist, and advises Mack not to trust Agent Star. With good reason Star's late for work because he's planting some sort of device beneath the van. Inside, Star finds Mack breaching regulations by watching some all-male action on his surveillance monitor. And when Mack

unzips, hauling out a whopper bone, well, how's Star gonna ignore that? The buddies are jackin' their tools together, and Mack's face draws slowly nearer to Star until his mouth sinks down onto the young stud's creamy shaft. As the guys trade blows, there's some mighty satisfying cocksucking going down in this van. Star's irresistible suction has Mack blowing a big load all over Star's sleek and

shiny chest. He sure had the jizz saved up and a piece of meat that's still hard. Star's squat-fuck on that steely rod is a thrill ride for them both, and Mack's hand pumping Star's cock makes the impaled buddy to shower them both with hot cum.

Scene Two

Aqua Base 1 - Command Level. Jack Simmons tops Troy Gamaun.

Agent Gamaun gets the order from the ominous Black Fist. Terminate Mr. Quest tonight! First, Gamaun has to finish off Jack Simmons. The punky looking Gamaun licks Simmon's huge balls and swallows his pendulous cock, mouthing the monster meat deep. Lying down so Gamaun can sit on his face, Simmons laps greedily at the smooth hole. Over-stimulated, Gamaun cums sharply on

Simmon's belly, and Simmon's engorged cock streams its cum. Gamaun sits on Simmon's massive meat, the black log splitting his honey hole wide. Simmons churns like the devil and both men are made to give up a gut-wrenching second load.

Scene Three

TIO Manufacturing Facility. Zackary Pierce, Cobalt and Cole Ryan flip.

Black Fist sends his team to infiltrate Quest's headquarters. There's a breathless pause after the Ninja-garbed fighters overtake the guard on his watchtower. Pierce is just too good looking, and when Ryan pulls out a succulent, stand-up shaft, with a clear drop of pre-cum oozing from its crown, the hapless security guard sucks it good. Cobalt unveils his heart-stopping, huge hammer - a holy-

poker with a vast helmet head towering atop a long, steely pole. Unbelievable. But Pierce's cock stands up to the competition, and the three men fall into a hungry suck chain. Brace yourself for The Year's Most Amazing Cum Shot as a Niagara of white froth pours endlessly from Ryan's cock, cascading down onto Pierce's cock below and triggering its cum-blaze.

As eager for his first bottom experience to be on film as his loss of virginity was in Closed Set: Titan Stage One, Ryan squats his pristine pucker onto Pierce's butt buster, and his cock flaps as he broncos like hellfire atop the fierce fuck-rod. He sinks his hairy little hole slowly onto Cobalt's impossible ass-stretcher, and then slides back down onto Pierce. And then it's a final ride on Cobalt, pumping Pierce's cock to climax as Cobalt shoots off an alarming load and Cole blasts

yet another man-drencher from his inexhaustible nuts.

Scene Four

TIO Headquarters. Jake Deckard and Spencer Quest flip.

Driving into Deckard's outpost, Quest growls urgently, "We gotta make this quick. I've got less than an hour!" Then these two supremely macho, sweat-drenched studs give out three-quarters of an hour of hot, historic give and take. Quest and Deckard slide their lips over taut bone, and tongue-worship a pair of absolutely holy holes. Deckard's electrified as Quest's tongue and then his fingers plug deep into his ass, and his cum spurts over the windshield. Then Quest bends Deckard over the cara's grille, spits on that already-loosened hole, and slams his cock in with merciless frenzy, jerkin' it out and pounding that golden spike back in. But Deckard flips him and gives the former top's glory hole some impenetrably hard pile-driving. Quest mounts Deckard's -hard cum shooter, grinds down to the balls, and bucks so hard his cock bashes against his belly. "I'm building!", he gasps, and suddenly, both men's spunk shoots for the stars in a gigantic double explosion.

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