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Let's See What Happens

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Director Robert Prion's models show us why their favorite slogan is "Let's See What Happens". First, we have a handsome newcummer Brandon Young paying a visit to Vincent DeMarco, after meeting him online. The two waste no time at all getting into some of the most intense sex ever recorded, with Brandon fucking Vincent several different ways. They both cum no less than 3 times each. Cute newcummers Jason Turner and Jerrid Matthews are watching a porn flick on a large screen, when in walks Jay Richards, and catches them playing. Soon, everyone is playing with everyone else, with Jay and Jason taking turns plowing Jerrid's round butt. Before long, love juice is flying everywhere. Porn legend Storm awakens outside by a pool, to find beautiful newcummer Tony Heart next to him, with his dick hanging out of his bathing suit. Soon, Storm's mouth is deep-throating Tony's thick manhood. Tony returns the favor, before Storm rims Tony's round bubble-butt. Then, Storm fucks Tony with all the gusto that has made him a porn legend.

Newcummer Danny Crane is working on some kung-fu moves, when in strolls Rob Walker. Soon, Rob wants to see what other moves Danny has to show him. Before long, Danny is showing Rob every move he knows. After some heated 69-ing and ass eating, Danny fucks Rob's eager manhole. Torrents of love-lava are soon erupting all over Rob's chest. Finally, cute Brandon Young pays a visit to exotic looking Kevin Alexander and newcummer Scott Williams. Again, Brandon met them on-line. Kevin and Scott can't keep their hands off Brandon's long totem pole, and Brandon cannott keep his mouth off their long their long thick dicks. Brandon fucks Kevin, before he fucks Scott. Then, Brandon pulls out of Scott, and Kevin plows into Scott's manhole to finish the job. Scott looks up and asks Brandon if he can cum over again tomorrow. Brandon replies "Let's See What Happens". Director Robert Prion introduces no less than 6 newcummers to please his audience even more.

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