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Going Too Far

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Director Robert Prion is always GOING TOO FAR to give his audience what they want. First, we have Prion regulars Bryon Rogers and Jay Richards talking about Bryon's lucky charm. In an amazing flash-back sequence, we see both guys from twelve years before, when Jay first finds out what Bryon's lucky charm really is. Back to the present, Bryon offers Jay his beautiful nine-inch lucky charm, just like he did many years before. After some intense sucking and rimming, Jay does Bryon before Bryon has Jay sit on his long thick boner. Handsome Vincent DeMarco and super-cute young star Alex Turner are looking at porn magazines when Vincent asks Alex why he has so many. Alex replies, "I like looking at dick," and is soon looking at Vincent's. Alex has an incredible mouth, and is soon deep-throating Vincent's thick dong, before making Vincent shoot one of his famous long cum shots. Then, Alex plows Vincent's manhole in several different positions, before unloading on Vincent's chest. Vincent then blows another large load all over himself. Co-star Bryon, Scott Williams, and handsome newcummer Josh Kole have started a new club entitled THE BIG DICKS CLUB, and are about to have their first meeting to see if everyone measures up. Sure enough, they're all between nine and eleven inches, and thick. Byron starts by sucking on Scott's mighty dong, and Josh starts slurping on Byron's thick mantool. An amazing scene with three impressive dicks. Then, Byron does Josh, before he returns the favor. It ends with Scott ramming Josh's bubble butt, before they all explode on Byron's chest. Danny Crane and hunky newcummer Eric Stavros are doctors in a lounge taking a break. Eric tells Danny that the best way for him to relax would be for Danny to suck his thick uncut cock. Danny does just that, before he rims and screws Eric's butt. Eric then rams Danny's behind in several different ways. Both numbers shoot twice, each. Finally we have our star Alex Turner along with hot Kevin Alexander, Robby Taylor, and cute newcummer Sebastian sitting around a XXXmas tree. Kevin says he wishes the guys were under the tree so he could unwrap them. Sure enough, that's what Kevin does. Before long, everyone is nude, sucking and rimming everyone else. Then, Robby does Alex and Kevin does Sebastian at the same time. It ends with Kevin screwing Robby, before Robby shoots a huge load all over his chest. Alex and Kevin cum at the same time along with Sebastian. Robby ends up drenched in love-lava. Robby says he got all that he wanted for XXXmas. Kevin ends by saying, "Robby, you're GOING TOO FAR," and everyone agreed. Another winner from director ROBERT PRION.

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