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ShowGuys Volume 477 - Casey Young & Cameron Kincade

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Showguys 477 brings you yet another stud-filled, cock satisfying, ball draining experience. This time we have Casey Young and Cameron Kincade. Don't let Casey' smile fool you, as he's probably one of the most experienced studs in ShowGuys history!

Casey Young is literally the face of ShowGuys, having done more shows than any other performer, and in this scene he is paired with a very handsome and very fit stud, Cameron Kincade. The two start out in their undershorts, whose bulges show that they are clearly turned on by each other. Casey pulls Cameron's shorts down and shows us a really hot bubble butt. Cameron reaches inside Casey's underwear while sucking a nipple.

Both guys get rid of their shorts, and reveal two already hard dicks. Cameron stands up on the bed, and Casey shows us once again what a great cocksucker he is, inhaling every inch of Cameron's hard on. The two studs reverse positions, and Cameron proves to also be an expert at deep-throating, eliciting moans of pleasure from Casey.

Casey puts Cameron on his hands and knees, spreads his cheeks, and shoves his tongue up the hot hole, then they again reverse positions and Cameron gives Casey a thorough rimming. Cameron lies on his back, Casey straddles his head, and gets his balls licked, then drops forward and the two 69. Casey stands beside the bed, Cameron lies with his head over the side, and Casey fucks Cameron's mouth, then once again they 69. But it's time to move on.

Casey puts on a condom; Cameron lubes himself up, and takes a seat. And slowly Casey's huge cock shoves up into Cameron, and the thrusting begins. Casey puts his knees up and really pounds up into Cameron. Cameron turns around, sits back down facing the camera, and we get the ShowGuys' frog. Casey continues slamming up into Cameron. Cameron lies down on Casey, and they roll over, and Casey is now fucking Cameron doggie style.

They take a break, but Casey soon re-condoms, and again fucks Cameron doggie style, then pushes him flat on the bed, and continues slamming in and out. Cameron gets on his back with his legs in the air, and Casey plows him in the missionary position. They bring their asses to the camera, giving us great penetration shots.

Finally they lie side by side and jerk off. Casey shoots first, a huge load high in the air, hitting his face, soon followed by Cameron who lets go of his own copious amount of cum. Two hot guys get on their knees; pose for the camera, kiss, and wave goodbye.

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