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ShowGuys #286: Tucker Forrest, Jay Lexx & Malachi Sebastian

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Three very hot guys, Tucker Forrest, Jay Lexx and Malachi Sebastian begin the scene all wearing shirts with the ShowGuys' motto on them. Jay and Malachi take Tucker's shorts off, and while Jay is sticking his tongue down Tucker's throat, Malachi is sticking Tucker's large dick with the Prince Albert down his own throat. Jay and Malachi switch positions, and Jay proves to be just as good a cocksucker as Malachi is. Jay and Malachi get rid of their shorts, finally all the shirts come off, and Tucker deep-throats Jay while Malachi deep-throats Tucker. Tucker goes on his hands and knees, and Malachi shoves his tongue up the exposed ass hole, while Jay fucks Tucker's face as he plays with his own nipples. Now Jay turns around, bends over, and Tucker rims him while continuing to get rimmed by Malachi. The three pose with their backs to the camera and show off their tattoos, then Malachi stand up, turns his back, and Tucker rims Malachi while Jay rims Tucker. And ShowGuys' own Casey Young can't stay out of the scene, and starts making out with Malachi. Now Tucker gets on top of Malachi and Jay feast on the two exposed asses, then Tucker and Jay trade places, and Tucker gets his turn at the two hot holes.

Tucker puts on a condom, lies down, Malachi sits on him with his back to the camera, and the penetration begins. Jay stands on the bed so Malachi can suck him while being fucked by Tucker. But now Jay puts on a condom, lies down, and Tucker sits on him facing the camera giving us our first frog. Malachi sits on Tucker facing away from the camera, and starts bouncing. So now Jay is fucking Tucker who is fucking Malachi. Next Jay plows Malachi doggie style while Tucker puts on a condom, comes in from behind, and we get another trio. They take a break, and Jay and Tucker make out while Casey (who has re-entered the scene) sucks Malachi. But for the grand finale, Jay lies on his back across the bed, Malachi sits on him, Tucker comes in from behind, and we get our first double penetration in some time. Finally Jay gets on his back, and Tucker fucks him in the missionary position while sucking Malachi. And it's time for the cum shots. Tucker announces he wants the other two to shoot on him, so he lies down, Jay and Malachi get on their knees over him, and the three studs jerk off. Jay shoots first, soon followed by Malachi, and feeling the hot jism hitting him pushes Tucker to his own gushing orgasm. And three hot studs get on their knees, blow a kiss, and wave goodbye.

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