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ShowGuys #115: Spike & Adrian R

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Spike and Adrian R meet on a bitterly cold New York winter's night, and the big surprise is that Adrian has cut his shoulder length hair very very short, and looks even more adorable than before. They start off with some deep kissing. Spike takes his pants off revealing the huge weapon for which he is so famous, and Adrian immediately goes down on it, sucking and licking up and down the immense shaft. Now Adrian gets out of his shorts revealing his own very large member and Spike shows what a great deep-throater he is. The studs move into a sixty-nine position, and Spike starts playing with Adrian's beautiful ass. However, after some more kissing, Spike decides he can't wait any longer to plow the lad. So he puts on a condom, (extra-large of course), Adrian gets on his hands and knees, Spike eases his spike home and starts thrusting. He starts slowly but the pace increases, and Adrian's moans fill the room. They roll into the spoon position, and Spike keeps pounding, re-lubing mid stroke. Spike pushes Adrian over on his back into the missionary position, and his pumping becomes even more violent. They take a break, but soon Spike recondoms, lies on his back, and Adrian sits on the mighty pole facing Spike, and once again impales himself. Soon the monster is buried and the pounding starts anew, until Adrian can't hold back any longer, and shoots one of his amazing thick loads. Now it's Spike's turn, so he gets on his knees, jerks off, and lets go with one of his famous orgasms that shoots across the room. And after another kiss, the two hot studs wave goodbye and head for the showers.

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Starring:  Rex Ruben, Adrian R.
Attributes: Handjob, Blowjob, Face Fuck Kissing, 69,

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