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ShowGuys #210: New Year's Eve 2006 SEX-tet

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Another New Year's Eve has rolled around, and, as usual, ShowGuys puts on a group effort. This year the models are favorites Matthew James and Casey Young, newcummers Jayden Holloway and Alek, and porn pup Jorden Michaels with his new boyfriend, adorable Nathan Sommers, who is performing in front of the camera for the first time. After posing for the class picture, the messing around starts, Jayden with Matthew, Jorden with Nathan, and Casey with Alek. All the guys are in shirts and underwear.

The shirts start coming off almost immediately, and very soon the dicks start appearing out of the shorts. Jorden exposes Nathan's cock, showing us his shaved pubes and a long, thick, uncut piece of meat. Matthew is going down on Jayden's thick hard dick, and Alek is doing the same for Casey. But Jayden has heard about Matthew's legendary monster, so he pulls it out and starts sucking. Casey has an incredibly long cock, but Alek manages to deep-throat every inch, while Jorden shows us his incredible ass. Even though Nathan is the top in the pair, Jorden gives his hot ass a thorough rimming, shoving his tongue deep into the virgin hole. Matthew and Jayden take turns sucking each other, while Casey shoves his tongue up Alek's butt. Matthew and Jayden do a little dick dueling, and then Matthew turns Jayden around, spreads his cheeks, and starts licking the hot hole. Matthew, while Jayden is sucking him, rims Jorden who is deep-throating Nathan. Now Casey sucks on Matthew and Alek sucks on Jayden, then Jayden sucks Casey and Matthew sucks Alek.

Finally Casey puts on a condom and starts fucking Jayden in the missionary position. Next Matthew shoves his dick up Alek's ass, and Nathan fucks Jorden doggie-style. The sound of slapping thighs, creaking bed springs, and moans of pleasure fill the studio. Matthew lies on his back and Alek sits on him in the frog position and bounces wildly, and Casey now fucks Jayden doggie-style, while Nathan and Jorden go into the missionary position. Casey, Matthew and Nathan are fucking machines, pounding into their respective bottoms. The six get ready to cum. Alek loves to have guys shoot in his face, so while Casey fucks him, Jayden and Matthew jerk off over him. Jayden shoots first, a thick load all over Alek's face, while Casey's stokes against his prostate cause Alek to shoot. Matthew now adds his load to that of Jayden's on Alek's face, and Casey follows with his own gushing orgasm. The six studs pose for the camera, blow a kiss and wave goodbye. And once again, ShowGuys has rung in the New Year with a mighty bang!

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