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ShowGuys #207: Casey Young & Enrique

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Two of ShowGuys' favorite twinks finally get together, and they instantly take to each other, just as Sam had predicted. The two stud-pups look great - Casey tall and pale, and Enrique shorter and dark. They also both have killer smiles. They start with some very heavy kissing and feeling around each other's crotches. Enrique gets on his hands and knees, and Casey exposes one of the prettiest bubble butts in front of the camera today. Casey loves to rim, and wastes no time getting his tongue into Enrique's hole. Next Enrique gets Casey's pants off, showing us the very long, curved, cut cock, and in short order gets every inch of it down his throat. Enrique lies on his back, Casey straddles his head, and Enrique goes to work with his tongue on Casey's balls and cock. Casey pulls Enrique's legs into the air, and gets back to rimming the exposed hole. He puts Enrique's dick in his mouth, and shoves a finger up his ass.

The guy's sixty-nine, and then Casey does push-ups into Enrique's mouth. But they can't wait for the fucking to start, so Casey puts on a condom and lies down, Enrique climbs on top, and the long piece with the thick head slides deep into Enrique's innards. Enrique's hole seems to devour the hard dick. At first Casey is pumping up into Enrique, but Enrique gets on his feet and now he starts riding Casey. Enrique turns around into the frog, and once again shows us his mastery of the position. The penetration shots are incredible, and Enrique is as hard as a rock. They roll over so Casey is on his knees over Enrique in their own version of the missionary position. After a break, Enrique stands up and Casey enters him from behind with long, slow, penetrating strokes, and then, with Enrique firmly speared on his cock, Casey lies down with Enrique sitting on him facing the camera, and then they roll into the missionary position. Enrique loves to cum while being fucked, and Casey is happy to oblige. And very soon, feeling Casey's dick slamming against his prostate, Enrique spews his seed all over his own stomach. Casey lies down, and almost immediately shoots a huge load. The beautiful young men kiss each other, blow a kiss to the camera, and head for the showers.

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