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ShowGuys Volume 366 - Casey Young & Aubrey Hawk

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Casey Young has been an integral part of ShowGuys ever since we moved to South Florida, and his scene with Aubrey Hawk in August of 2007 was one of his best. This is the first time they have met, and they both obviously love their work. Casey gets Aubrey's shirt off, and Aubrey follows suit. Two pair of briefs are sporting noticeable bulges. The guys strip off their shorts revealing two very nice long cocks, Casey's straight, Aubrey's curved, and Casey wastes no time in getting Aubrey's down his throat; Aubrey then returns the favor.

Casey gets back to sucking Aubrey, almost causing the lad to ejaculate prematurely. But Aubrey wants Casey's cock in his mouth, and his considerable deep-throating abilities soon have Casey at full extension. Casey puts Aubrey on his hands and knees, and shows us the pink rosebud, then inserts first a finger and finally his tongue up the hot ass. Next the two studs sixty-nine. But finally Casey puts on a condom, Aubrey gets on his hands and knees, and Casey enters him from behind. Casey comments on how tight Aubrey's ass is, and his pumping in and out causes loud moans of pleasure. Casey pulls Aubrey against him, goes on his back, and suddenly we have the frog. Aubrey's dick is like a piece of iron.

They roll into the spoon, and Casey keeps punishing Aubrey's ass, then go back to doggie-style with their asses to the camera, giving us great penetration shots. They take a break, then Aubrey lies on his back, and Casey fucks him in the missionary position. And finally, after holding back for the entire scene, Aubrey is allowed to shoot his load, which happens incredibly quickly. Casey pulls out, strips off the condom and with Aubrey helping him by playing with his body, soon shoots his own load high into the air. Two very happy guys kiss one last time and head for the showers.

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