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Bare Cali Boys

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Jodi Johnson & Travis Bank

Jodi and Travis, two newbies in front of the camera and with doing guys, start out telling us a little about themselves.leading into the usual foreplay and before you know it, Jodi is on all fours, face down, ass up, waiting for Travis's bare cock. This is Travis's first time being with and fucking a guy, a fantasy he is finally living. At first he's shy, Jodi has no problems guiding him along.

Next it's Jodi's who is going to fuck first timer Travis. Jodi has an extra thick cock and Travis feels every thick inch of it. As you will see they both enjoy giving and taking each other's bare cock. After the shoot was over and Travis had left, Jodi was still hungry for more cock up his ass. He grabs the cameraman's crotch and starts working his cock, sucking and licking till its nice and hard, then Jodi flings his legs in the air and says "fuck me, fuck me hard!". The cameraman's thick bare cock rams its way deep inside Jodi's tight hole as Jodi moans with pleasure. The cameraman can hold any longer and blows his load inside Jodi who then squeezes it thick cum out, dripping it down from his sweet asshole.


Johnny Carver & Peter Park

After watching this scene, you'll ask "why can't I have sex like them!" These two 19 year old California college boys met one day on campus and have been fuck buddies ever since and boy do they love to fuck. Bottom boy Peter is in ecstasy when Johnny's cock is running in and out of his hole. Thee two studs fuck like dogs in heat - they love it rough. Johnny is first to cum and gives Peter a huge cum facial, Peter losses his load riding cock and Johnny even comes again with an inside (of Peter) job to finish off the marathon fuck fest.

Check out the behind the scenes bonus footage to see more of these two spunksters.


Austin Chase & Derek Livingston

California skater boy Austin and bottom military stud Derek put on a bareback fuck-a-thon. Things begin when Austin slides his bare cock deep into Derek's hungry hole. Position after position, the fucking doesn't stop till Austin's load is ready to blow


Derek Princeton & Kyle Miller

Newcomer Kyle is matched up with an old pro Derek. It doesn't take long for Kyle's cock to succumb to Derek's mouth then to his ass. Derek slowly sits down on Kyle's bare cock and starts taking it for a ride. Nothing but bareback fucking to keep everyone's dicks hard


Jarrod Steel & Jet Slatter

When I got a call from Jarrod Steel wanting to work with me, I knew I had to find a big cock to keep him satisfied. We called upon Jet Slatter and his 10" cock to do the job. Jarrod's hole just can't get enough of Jet's bare cock. From fucking in the shower, on the recliner and in the bedroom, Jarrod and Jet just keep on fucking. Jarrod is the first to fire his load while riding Jets cock, and Jet empties his cum filled balls deep inside of Jarrod's massive hole.

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