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Fantasies Cum True (PragueBoyz)

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We all have our sexual fantasies and this collection attempts to explore some that maybe even you have had. It features those adorable boys from Prague and has a good mix of one-on-one and group sex scenes. There is, of course, no shortage of cock sucking, ass fucking and wonderful cum gushers that give us so much pleasure. Grab this one and enjoy all the hardcore eye candy it has to offer.

Scene 1-Oldrich, Eduard, Karel, Holic and Alexandr

When two boys are thrust back in time they find themselves in the days of the Roman Empire and are witness to a sex orgy just getting under way. It's clear to them, Roman boys enjoyed gay sex much the way we do in modern times, with plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking to reach a climax that has cum splattering all over their beautiful smooth bodies.

Scene 2-Branislav and Ctibor

In an office setting these two young business executives can't hold back their desire for each other and it isn't log before big uncut cock is getting sucked. An oral exchange follows, as their clothes hit the floor, and by the time both are naked they are enjoying a sexy 69 on top of a desk. Oral turns to anal, and the young studs end up fucking in several positions, before their climax leaves bottom boy wearing both of their cum loads.

Scene 3-Juraj, Yanko and Kornel

While enjoying a swim, this horny couple decides to give each other an underwater blow job. Then they get naked and move to the pool's edge for some more hot dick sucking action. After a long oral exchange the boys hop back in the water for a standing fuck. And yes, they do end up cumming in the pool.

Scene 4-Havel and Stepan

A delivery boy shows up at the door just in time to help out a horny young man who wants to fuck some ass. Clothes strip off and cock gets sucked, as the two make their way into an ass licking 69. As it turns out, the delivery boy wants to fuck some tight ass, as well, so each takes his turn fucking the other. By the time they are done, delivery boy is legs in the air, with two cum loads on his smooth tummy.

Scene 5-Kristof and Pavol

Two horny boys meet on a bed and it isn't long before they are naked and sucking each other's big uncut cock. After a long oral exchange, hungry hole slides onto big stiff cock and the two end up fucking all over that bed. By the time they are done, bottom boy is wearing both of their cum loads.

Scene 6-Karel, Vlastimil and Venceslav

While working out together in the gym, one of the boys gets hard and his two buddies waste no time descending on his stiff dick. It isn't long before all three are naked and sucking each other off. Then, some benches are pushed together so two can kick back and enjoy an ass licking. Eventually moist tongue is replaced with stiff cock, as the two are treated to a deep ass fucking. It's only a matter of time before the both bottoms have fresh cum splattered all over their smooth bellies.

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Scene 1

Starring:  Karel, Alexandr, Eduard, Oldrich, Holic

Scene 2

Starring:  Branislav, Ctibor

Scene 3

Starring:  Yanko, Juraj, Kornel

Scene 4

Starring:  Stepan, Havel

Scene 5

Starring:  Pavol, Kristof

Scene 6

Starring:  Karel, Venceslav, Vlastimil


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