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The Mandy Goodhandy Show #28: A Goodhandy Halloween

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The Mandy Goodhandy show is shot in front of a live nightclub audience every Wednesday at Goodhandy's, a

Toronto pansexual bar. The show includes the raw and intelligent comedy of Mandy Goodhandy (a cross between

Rosanne Barr and Joan Rivers with a dick), audience participation and live naked guys wrestling. Following

the stage show, some of the boys head upstairs to the in-club studio and film a porn shoot the audience

watches as it happens on the screen. We work with real amateur guys who are mostly straight, looking to make

some money doing gay stuff. Todd Klinck, Producer

Scene 1:

It's Halloween at Goodhandy's. ''We're all wearing costumes tonight, I'm dressed as a tranny bitch.'' says

Mandy during her opening. Gavin is the only model so far up on stage. He sits with his legs wide open

displaying his goods to the whole bar. Next, as Mandy begins to introduce models, Skratch appears. As

customers walk in they receive a nice greeting from Mandy and are requested to check their pants at the door.

Mandy finds a cute boy from the audience wearing a mask and gets him up to the stage to play a little game of

guess what he's wearing. Then some of our friends walk in with one of our soon to be models Sly. Mandy gets

him up on stage as well to play the game. After pulling his pants down to reveal that he's wearing boxers,

it's very evident he's got a huge cock and guessing which way he's dressed i.e. left, right or center is a

big joke! Mandy proceeded to ask the question anyway between trying not to laugh. Customers are heard talking

about how big his cock is. "I know a big dick when I see one!" Mandy pretends not to trust his word about how

he's dressed and asks for proof so he pulls down his boxers and flashes his huge cut cock to everyone.

Mandy introduces Sam, a young white boy with lots of tats and a fit body who earlier in the evening did a

solo shoot. She gets him to play the game as well. Sam can also bee seen in an upcoming fuck video with

another hot young model named Adam. Sam and Sly take their shirts off and both flash a little more skin. Sam

gets shy and doesn't want to show his whole package but he does turn around and show us his bare ass. Logan

(a Mayhem North model who's been on hiatus) is spotted in the audience so Mandy pulls him up to introduce him

and gets him to strip down. Gavin and Skratch help him with removing his clothes. First his shirt, then his

pants! Skratch and Gavin wrestle. After the boys wrestle, Mandy announces that this is a Halloween special.

Gavin and Skratch are going to have a hard-on contest right there on the stage. The idea is to jerk-off and

see who gets hard first. Skratch is the winner! Oooops! He came right on stage while trying to get hard!

Watch close because it happens so fast.

Scene 2:

The scene starts off with Gavin in the shower. He jerks-off in the shower while he's covered in soap. Now

on to the hardcore shoot. As Gavin is standing by the desk preparing his dildo for later, Skratch enters the

room to announce that he is now going to ''play with himself''. Gavin sits down next to him. They stroke each

others cocks. Skratch notices that Gavin's getting a hard on and Gavin says it's because he's feeling him up.

Skratch adds, ''That's a wide dick! You should be proud!'' Gavin attempts a dildo. This is his first time

ever! He has no idea what he's doing but he's going to try. He manages to get it in a little bit but feels

uncomfortable and gives up. Skratch and Gavin jerk off next to each other. Skratch cums followed right after

by Gavin.

Scene 3:

Vintage Goodhandy's footage from the 3rd day the club was open. We were still experimenting with our

formula at the time, and only broadcasting from the studio to the club (as opposed to now, when we do full

hardcore sex shoots on stage). Check out some of the original Mayhem North boys stroking their cocks, and in

the case of Skyler and Marko, sucking cock.

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Starring:  Amanda Taylor
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