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Battling Boys Live #2

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''Battling Boys Live'' is a weekly event held at Goodhandy's, a real Toronto nightclub and sex club run by Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck. The audience is able to watch boys wrestling in underwear on the dance floor, and then the boys go up to an in-club studio where they jerk off, suck each other off, even fuck each other sometimes. The audience is able to watch the hardcore stuff on the club's big screen while it is happening, live. Sometimes audience members participate in the wrestling, and sometimes Mandy Goodhandy can convince boys to whip out their ''wee-wees'' for the crowd. This series is all about reality and fun - the upstairs footage sometimes includes boys walking in and out of other boys' shoots.

Week 3 Wrestling:

Mandy Goodhandy sits on the stage with a beverage in hand and interviews the new wrestling models. Tonight we meet Rocco, a massive cocked brown boy, and Sheldon, a baby-faced pig boy. MJ and Skyler are the experienced models who will be wrestling the newbies, and Mitch is participating in the visuals by being the photographer in underwear. Interesting detail: Rocco clearly has an erection for most of the match, and MJ looks a bit turgid as well.

Week 3 Upstairs:

The upstairs portion of the video features Sheldon, MJ, and Rocco. Sheldon is the pig-boy in the scene. Rocco and MJ each hold one of Sheldon's legs up in the air while feeding him their cocks.

Week 4 Wrestling:

Mandy meets Duane and Andrew for the first time. She realizes that Duane is a gay boy - something kind of rare in our model pool. After joking a bit with Duane about park sex, she talks with Andrew. Andrew is clearly a star, he has this beautiful face that almost looks like an English school boy. And he's also 19. Skyler and Mitch are also in this week's video.

Week 4 Upstairs:

This is clearly Andrew's first time sucking cock, and everything's so new and exciting for him. This group of boys just start sucking cock in every direction. This is a live show, in front of an audience, but the audience does not have the audio. So when you watch this scene, you get a real ''behind-the-scenes'' feeling because the models are aware that the audience is watching and there is tons of bantering and laughing and teasing each other. Mandy comes in and out of the room to direct the boys. In the end, everyone cums on Skyler's face, Mitch even cums a bit in Skyler's mouth.

Rocco solo:

Rocco did not cum in the group wrestling upstairs scene from Week 3. He came back the following night and did a very erotic solo video for Mandy.Cum-Shots

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