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Inside Todd's Mayhem

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Me and Steve got together with "the Stillman" (Mayhem North's resident still photographer) so that we could shoot still photos of Steve for his use in promoting his services as a professional dominant. In exchange for the photography & web design services, Steve agreed to do an interview, and to let me video-tape the photoshoot. Somehow in the middle of this, I agreed to let Steve shove a metal rod down the end of my penis (a demo on "sounding", where you shove a metal rod down your urethra). To top it off, I jerk-off with Steve. The final scene in "Inside Todd's Mayhem" is a full spanking scene, where I turn the tables on Steve. This tape is for those who like the serious behind-the-scenes footage. We could call it "REALITY PORN". Not only is Steve a sexy guy, but you also get to hear all the bantering, the planning, etc. Before the spanking scene, you get to witness a hilarious call to Mandy Goodhandy, who gives her directives through the Stillman over the phone. If that's not enough: there's another layer of interest: Todd is also one of the "characters" on a reality series about kinky people. (The show is called "KINK" and is shown on Showcase Television in Canada & satellite TV worldwide.) He let the documentary crew film the recording of Todd and the Stillman recording Steve. (Very show-within-a-show-within-a-show). You will more than occasionally see people wandering around in the background. In fact, you will even get to see internationally acclaimed filmmaker Noam Gonick shooting his first spanking scene!

The video starts with a discussion between me (Todd) and Steve about s/m - what he's into, etc. As the interview proceeds, I decide to get lecherous and grope him. (What is not mentioned is that Steve and Todd have a lot of sexual tension for each other, because they met once in a bathhouse and haven't managed to re-connect for pleasure, so this video is the first time they're back in groping range of each other.) One of Steve's best attributes (besides intelligence, kindness, and an overall good demeanor) is his big, fat cock. I put the camera down on the desk to assist him in displaying his cock, then go in for some close-ups. As our plan is to move to the main room where Steve will pose for camera in different outfits, he suggests we get started - if he gets a hard-on, he won't be able to get his cock into his leather jock-strap!

The interview continues for a bit as Steve talks about the different tools he uses. Not for the squeamish, Steve is also into "sounding". That is a process where you shove a metal rod (a "urethral dilator", if you want to get technical) down your urethra. It doesn't actually hurt, because you use lube, and go slowly. I get in for a closer view, then decide 'what the fuck, I've got a camera crew here, and life is about experiencing everything' so I asked Steve if he'd try inserting a SMALL sounding rod into my cock. Of course, he was happy to oblige. (Since the tv show started airing, I have had people come up to me in the grocery store, on the street, and in the bar I work at and say "Hey, you're the guy who shoved a metal rod down his dick". We're a much more progressive society today if people feel comfortable blurting out that kind of commentary to a stranger - I like it.) After removing the rod from my cock, we test out a gag. I volunteer to be Steve's submissive (not shown here) and then Steve got a raging hard-on, so I suggested he do his jerk-off scene.

Phone call to Mandy Goodhandy! The second part of the plan is to shoot a spanking scene where I will begin to develop my new alter-ego video character "Boss TK". Steve is to be my first victim. This scene was initially going to be for a spanking video where I am the star, but I realize that the "Kink" camera crew plus my camera guys all crowded into a small room was going to limit the usability of the scene. I decide to shoot everything, including the planning of the scene, and to not worry about camera people being in the background, microphone shadows, etc. Mandy Goodhandy gives us the plot/premise over the phone, as she is the spanking visionary at Mayhem North. The plot was to go like this: Steve comes in to Boss TK's office to complain that Carlos (see Whacks from the Warehouse Vol.1) is spanking Steve and the other staff. I am to accuse Steve of lying, and of really wanting me to spank him. I inform him that if he wants to keep his job, he has to admit that he wants to be spanked, and that he was lying about Carlos. Mandy instructs us as to the proper positions Steve should be in, we hang up, and we shoot the scene.

It starts off as planned until I notice that Steve has an erection. This was not planned (I later find out that he took Viagara, which is kind of hot). I don't fail to notice the erection on screen, accusing him even more of wanting to be spanked. I make him pull it out and stroke it. Spank, spank, spank, and grope, grope, and grope! I keep trying to push Steve to admit that he likes being spanked. I grab his hand and make him grab my erection, saying "See, your boss likes it, I can admit it". He still refuses to admit it so we do more spanking and more positions. Finally, Steve admits that he likes getting spanked and was lying about Carlos. I tell him he can keep his job and he has to leave the office naked. That is the end of Inside Todd's Mayhem...

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