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Friends in Heat Ep. 3: Body Heat

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Friends in Heat: Body Heat begins as Jake Carmichael (Justin Yurmouth) has his friend and old college buddy Todd Ramsey (Aaron Trainer) visiting. When he extended an offer to stay with him Jake didn't know that the remodel on his house would still be under construction. Being a good host he offers to share his bed, and Todd is more than excited at that offer after years of sexual desire and tension building between the two. Jake showers for bed and Todd cant help but sneak a peak. Jake finishes and offers the shower to his guest. When Todd returns to he finds his host , sheets do nothing to shield Jakes body from Todd's lustful gaze. Todd follows Jake's lead and strips, mustering the courage to do what he has desired for years and makes a move on his host. Jake is more than satisfied to finally have all of his buddy Todd and show him just how accommodating a host he can be. Meanwhile while Darryl MacDaniels (Brian Bonds) is away on business, he finds his thoughts focusing on Jake as he realizes his lustful business relationship is becoming more... as he does to himself what he would prefer Jake would be doing.

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Friends in Heat Ep. 3: Body Heat


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