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Getting Around

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Lucas Entertainment is happy to announce the release of their sixth video, Getting Around. The whole cast epitomizes the sexy "New York look" that has become one of Lucas Entertainment's hallmarks.

Hot-to-trot Andreas Montero, just arrived in New York, scans a local gay rag for sex ads. At the gym, he runs into Anthony Ferrat, who turns out to be his neighbor. After Andreas leaves, Anthony has a wild session in the gym's hot tub with hairy-chested Mitch Ryder. Smooth, lean Anthony rides Mitch's cock all across the tiles.

Andreas arrives at a sex party he's found through his magazine. Surrounded by eight studs, he is stripped of his clothes and brought into the action. By the end of the scene, he has sampled most of the cocks in the place - including two at once in a hot double-fuck.

After leaving the orgy, insatiable Andreas stops by a hotel where he meets up with some friends from California: blond Scott Townsend, goateed Enrico Vega, and stubble-faced Johnny Davis. Soon, Johnny and Andreas are kissing on the bed while Scott and Enrico take turns poking their pretty young butts.

Andreas and Anthony finally meet up again and go to a local bar, which turns out to be empty except for the skin-headed brute of a bartender, Erik Martens. Andreas and Anthony team up on Erik's dick, and then fuck each other on the bar before Erik gets his chance with them both.

Roberto Vista is waiting for his lover Erik to get home. Meanwhile, the hot

little tramp slakes himself on Val Ivanov's monster cock. Val fingers Roberto's gorgeous hole and comes all over his face and mouth.

Erik Martens comes home and Roberto takes good care of him, taking his fat prick deep in his mouth. Erik makes the most of Roberto's sweet ass, plowing him in six different positions before letting his lover lick the come off his spent cock.

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