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Hot Footin'

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Have a hankering for hot young guys? Get a raging hard-on over fancy footwork? Then open wide for Hot Footin'. Jackrabbit Releasing's third film (the debut was the hot Bustin' In; the second was the trick-happy Anal Pick-Up) is this fetish-fronted, frottage-happy, footplay-filled fun fuck flick. Nearly two hours long and with six mostly sizzling scenes, I can safely say that all of your "dexterous digits" will be in hog heaven by the time you've finished watching it. Featuring cover model cutie Toby O'Connor and a delicious crew of ten eager-to-please, cock-'n-foot-hungry dudes, Hot Footin' will probably scorch your shorts. While some of the scenes have a much greater emphasis on heavy-duty shrimping than others, all will probably please fans of the genre; a few have some of the best footwork I've seen in a long time.

Inked and pierced skate-rat Liam Caldwell taking Joseph Dragon's cumload on his foot in scene three was kinky and hot. The cast's looks range from "average guy next door", to adorable cutie pie, to out-and-out hottie. If you like your boyz lithe, hung and with a little bit of flava, then thick-rodded and majorly sweet Mauricio (who bottoms for Vinny Lopez in the vid's opener) will stick with you. However, scene two's T.J. Jordan made me stiff as a board right away. With his perfect caramel skin, killer smile, smooth torso and thick rod, I was in lust from the get go. Paired with the very twinkish and very young-looking Casey Hamilton (who appears in scene four with beefier Carson Thomas) he easily dominated the flick in the looks department. More T.J. in the future, please! The fifth scene is between oddly-coiffed J.P. and Chance Davis. J.P. enters Chance's hotel bedroom, who is face down. As Chance slowly stirs from his slumber, decent foot action is followed by brief oral, anal, then more extended oral. Lighting and mood are good here, as is the mildly dirty talk J.P. directs at Chance. I think the scene goes on a bit too long, but it worked.

My favorite scene is without question the final one. It's a gym lockerroom hook-up between cover model Toby O'Connor and bespectacled Latino Julian Vasquez, and is also the film's best scene - even non-foot loving fans will dig it. Both guys are scrumptious, the foot-play was slow and sensual, the cocksucking and buttplay noteworthy, and the cumshots were true blasters.

Camerawork is quite good throughout all of the sex scenes (the opening credit work and music are a bit weak) and the cast's enthusiasm for this kind of sex was surprisingly on-the-mark. Truth be told, apart from noticing large hands and feet on a guy and guessing about his endowment (we all do that, right?) I'm not really much of a foot man. Any time a guy has asked me to shrimp him (thankfully it hasn't happened often), I always worry about encountering funky toenails or sock lint and the like. No such worries here: everyone is nicely pedicured and have juicy-looking mouths. I was quite pleased with this Jackrabbit Releasing entry. Even if you're not into footplay - or don't think you are - you'll get off on the right (or left, if you prefer) foot with Hot Footin'. --Keeneye Reeves

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