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Ride The WInd

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Ning gazes across the deserted beach and spies a solitary figure looming in the distance. As the visage grows, the delicious features of long-haired Adonis, Dani, begin to emerge. Carefree, kicking at the waves, gorgeous Dani is irresistible and Ning quickly launches his course of interception. Soon, the two are racing for the surf where Dani receives his first underwater blow job. But this is only the beginning: the two soon disappear into the woods for more meaningful play, kissing, sucking and fucking until blissfully spent. Elsewhere, Kit is remembering his lust-buddy, Jeb, who has moved to another city to work. As he visits one of their favorite lakeview love-nests he is overcome with arousal. As his elegant masturbation intensifies, memories of their trysting overwhelm him: super slobberingcock-sucking and hot thrusting stud-puppy fucking. Unable to contain himself, remembrance and reality merge in a cascade of thunderous orgasms! Finally, we find Ep gleefully boogying down a country road, the ubiquitous boom box poised on his shoulder. He finds an abandoned house and while searching for treasure discovers an erection: his own. He wondrously massages his throbbing tool in relentless gyrations until blowing off a sumptuous release. Don't miss these treats. Come "Ride The Wind" with us! 90 minutes

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