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Hookups #11: Interracial Asian

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The Internet is a wonderful place. You can shop for a car online, you can buy groceries on the web, and you can surf the net for sex. All of the models in this film were found through online personals ads. These are the guys you might meet the next time you're cruising for a hookup.

Jay Chang & Richard Johnson: When Richard walks into the hotel room after a long day at work, he's happy to find Jay, his Chinese friend, waiting for him--nearly nude and ready to play. Jay kisses Richard all over while helping him out of his suit and tie. A little oral action makes the job fun for all. Once naked, Richard and Jay head for the bedroom. Richard loves sucking on Jay's hard cock and rimming Jay's smooth ass, and Jay is not shy about chowing down on Richard's meat either. Jay really wants to get fucked, though and gets the anal action going when he sits down on Richard's his condom-covered cock. Jay has a nice ride then they roll over with Richard on top for some hard pounding fun. The session ends with two terrific high-flying cum shots. Very hot!

Jay Chang & Jet Cochran: After the session with Richard, Jay went home and told his boyfriend that he just did a porn video. Jay expected Jet to be upset, but he was surprised to find out that Jet thought it sounded totally hot and he wanted in on it too. So, here we are a few days later, filming real-life boyfriends, Jay Chang and Jet Cochran, as they suck and fuck their heart out as only two real lovers can. The oral action is smooth and natural and the fucking action is positively sweaty! Jet knows all of Jay's buttons and Jay is vocal in his ecstasy. These two fuck in lots of different positions and Jay delivers a tremendous cum shot while Jet is fucking him hard and deep. I had expected Jet's cum shot to be just as fabulous, but I found out too late that Jet had creamed in his condom earlier in the fuck. Damn! So, there's only one cum shot shown in this scene but it's a good one that you're going to love!

DVD Extras: I've placed the two after-session showers at the end of the DVD so you can watch the guys getting cleaned up after all the hot sweaty fun six more minutes of voyeuristic fun. Enjoy!

Previews: At the end of the DVD you'll find 16 minutes of previews for other films available on AMVC.

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