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JackBuddies #32: Marc Gets Fucked

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This video is all about getting Marc fucked. He has done some great toy work (as you will see here!) and he actually likes to suck dick, although he won't admit it! But he has always resisted getting fucked except on very rare occasions. So I got him with Chance, knowing that after he sucked Chance's magnificent 9" uncut dick, he would want more of it. My plan worked and here are the results. See if you can tell how into it Marc gets!

Marc Gets Dildoed - Scene one is Marc's solo. He starts out naked in bed and puts on a great butt show spreading his pretty straight boy hole for your pleasure. I finger his hole to see how tight he is and because it's fun. Once he's lubed up he fingers his butt, gets his dick hard and goes for a small butt plug...and a small vibrator...and a glass dildo...and a larger vibrator...and a bottle...and a big red butt plug! Last of all, Marc sits on the big realistic dildo and it just about disappears! His disk is hard aching for relief and he shoots a healthy load on his thigh. After dismounting the dildo, he bends over and spreads his dilated hole for your inspection. Marc takes a shower and puts on another good show for you.

Marc Gets Fucked - It's a week later and I have coached Chance on what I want. Marc has never really kissed a guy or gotten into being fucked. Chance's job is to change all that, and Chance loves a challenge! They guys kiss and it's a long, hot, sloppy kiss that makes me believe that Marc has crossed the line...and it s about time! He is eager to go down on Chance so I say go for it and he does. He licks his balls, bathes his cock and balls with his tongue and licks the whole shaft of Chance's cock. He licks Chance's whole torso and even licks his hairy armpits working his way for another kiss. In no time at all Marc's legs are in the air and a tongue is in his ass as Chance works his magic. Soon he's fingering Marc's very willing ass and I begin to see a great fuck in the works. Chance gets Marc on his side, legs spread wide and works his cock in Marc's very tight hole. To my surprise, Marc actually helps him by spreading his own cheeks! Chance can be a fucking machine and he takes control and rams his very formidable cock home repeatedly jabbing Marc's hot butt. And Marc stays hard as he's getting rammed which you can see in some great close ups! Chance gets him flat on his back and fucks the hell out of this hot straight guy! Chance then fucks him doggy style and again Marc helps him by arching his back giving his fuck buddy easier access to his hot hole. When Marc can't take it anymore, they take turns shooting on each other's faces!! They want to clean up, so another hot shower is in order, and soon they're kissing, sucking and fucking in a short, hot shower scene.

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