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Big Dick Breeders

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It seems like any guy who has a big dick seems to have an insatiable desire to breed, perhaps understandably so. The good news for these types, of course, is that there appears to be an equal amount of horny bottoms who are only too happy to be willing receivers, as the likes of Edwin Sykes, Deacon Hunter, and Sebastian Evans team up for the kind of raunchy encounters that wet dreams are made of. Take it from us, these lads know exactly what to do with all that extra meat, and it's no time at all before they're sucking and fucking like the animals they were always meant to be. Little wonder it's no time at all before those heavy ball-sacks are soon emptying their loads to leave each other literally dripping in spunk.

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They Pound Each Other with Big Dicks

Starring:  Mickey Taylor

They Have An Insatiable Desire To Breed

Nathan Gear Fucks Sebastian Evans With All The Passion

Ball-sacks Are Emptying Their Loads

Starring:  Edwin Sykes


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