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Some Like It Brazilian

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Male go-go dancers practice their routines in between having sex with anyone in reach! First, car repairman Gabriel Trepador develops a crush on his new customer. When he arrives at Wagner Motta's work, Gabriel licks his lips at the vision on stage. Wagner has fulfilled Gabriel's deepest fantasy by being a seductive exotic dancer. Gabriel devours Wagner from afar and develops impure thoughts as he waits to give him his keys. Wagner cannot resist the genuinely sweet way his newest fan's tongue licks his boot and travels up his hairy leg. He obligingly plugs Gabriel with his huge "anaconda" he keeps in his bulging dancer's trunks. Next, Junior Bahiano rehearses with sore muscles. Bartender Ricardo Flat gives Junior a few kneads on his needy shoulders, then switches to therapeutic application of his butt to Junior's rod by bottoming for the rejuvenated dancer. Then, Wagner is back, rushing about the theater when fellow dancer Marcello Brasil paws him playfully inside a mirrored stairwell. Marcello tops the beefy top, but Wagner proves to be tops at bottoming too! He churns and grinds upon Marcello's pole, impaling himself with it as phantom doubles of their joined bodies reflect in the passageway mirrors. Next, bartender Jade Pontes cruises maintenance worker Nicklas Lopes. Wagner soon joins them, apparently the clause on his contract that guarantees action in almost every sexual situation that turns up in the club. He tops Nicklas while the hapless Jade keeps a safe distance, letting an expert finish what an extra started. Next, he is about to leave the club when he joins Junior for a 3-way. The two dancers top the insatiable fuck monkey by taking turns filling all of his entrances. Finally Gabriel departs the sexual playground in mental and physical bowlegged nirvana to return to the potentially exciting world of car repair!

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