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Fuck The Hell Out Of Me

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Seth fucks the hell out of Jesse. Though Seth is still new to the whole "hardcore gay ass-fucking" thing, we thought we'd push him into the deep end and put him with Jesse Santana, our resident bottom bitch. Jesse starts off by blowing Seth's straight cock, and he sucks on that thing like it's the last dick on earth. Seth can't help but to skull-fuck Jesse for a bit. Then Jesse flips over onto his stomach and Seth starts slamming his ass. When Seth asked, "Yeah you fucking like it?" Jesse can only manage to get out a few muffled groans because he's getting fucked so hard.

Kai Ford fucks Nelson Troy. A guy with a sick tattooed body like Kai definitely turns heads. I knew I had to partner him up with someone hot--Nelson Troy. Nelson starts off blowing Kai, the two of them dripping wet in the shower. After Kai inspects Nelson's muscle ass, Kai bends Nelson over against the shower wall to eat him out. Once Nelson's all wet and panting for it, Kai shoves his dick up into his tight ass and starts slamming Nelson as he gives him a reach-around. Then he lays Nelson down on his stomach so he can fuck him from behind and really get in deep.

Wolf Hudson drills Skyler Caine. Skyler Caine considers himself a "professional bottom." When put against the king of kink Wolf Hudson, Skyler doesn't disappoint. He first worships Wolf's fat dick, then gets on his back to have his hole lapped up by Wolf's pierced tongue, and ends up taking all of Wolf's meaty cock. To submit his hole ("take that cock, you fucking, dirty pig"), Skyler Caine is content proving himself as a veritable cocky boy bottom.

Scottie fucks Tory. After working Scottie's cock, what Tory really wants is a hard cock up his ass, so he bends over and lets Scottie slam fuck his hot little hole from behind.

Ace Warner and Bobby Clark. Bobby is an incredible bottom. He takes Ace's meaty cock deep inside his ass in a very verbal poolside fuck.

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