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Total Impact

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A Robert Prion collection of slightly related sex scenes with lithe, spunky and well-hung men doing what

comes naturally, sans condoms, with very few exceptions. The first scene opens with a blond, muscle-hunk

(Dane Thomas) dashing through a sunny cornfield and discovering a brunet, cleft-chinned friend (Jay Richards)

beating off his dick. They suck face, and each other, as their moderately built bodies gyrate with pleasure.

Three guys in a big wooden bed (an olive-skinned Latin, a blond, pasty-faced guy and a short-haired

brunet) get into a triple 69 session, they fall into a sucking line, sit on each other's face (with arched

backs and quick smiles), and spend quite a bit of time in a rim-fest, to Depeche Mode-like music, until

cumming like Buckingham Fountain. Two guys in a low-ceiling mobil home do a little man-to-man experiment on

the kitchen floor. In a garage, a repairman is busy at work when he is interrupted by two neighbors. The

hairy-chested repairman gets heartily sucked by the blond with bad hair while he gets fucked by the hunky

brunet. Elsewhere, a guy with an interesting face, cleft chin and big lips pulls out a porno mag and his

ready-to-pop cock.

Back at the garage, the repairman comes back and says to the blond that he has something on his mind. They

cum almost simultaneously as the scene shifts to three anxious men waiting for the special guest star, Joey

Stefano. When he finally arrives (wearing a t-shirt with his own photo on it) they: eat each other's balls,

fuck each other's face and spread ass, lap up each other's sweat, and perform push-up fucking, until creating

rivers of cum on the sheets. The low-ceiling set used about half the time does get a bit too claustrophobic,

but the film has very good, passionate and raw sex, and decent production values.

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