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Night Before, The

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This surreal Hand-in-Hand film offers a funny, touching and realistic look at lovers and their emotional

responses to both jealousy and carnal lust.

Casting a group of nine men of varied types and cock sizes, the action is pre-AIDS oriented and includes a

lot of passion. The film begins with two average men, Hank (Coke Hennessy) and Paul (Michael Cade), who meet

and fall in love in New York City when Hank helps photographer Paul with a shoot in the park.

At Paul's place, they check out photos that he's taken, including one of Paul with another man, both

naked. Their ensuing relationship and lust develops through dinners, visiting an art gallery, picking out a

kitten and making out in the dark room. They have their first touching and intimate sexual encounter after

this (with no live sound but good string piano music; a good score by David Earnest): Paul passionately eats

out Hank's asshole and rolls around the bed with him to fall into a 69 session.

Paul later stands and humps Hank's throat before filling his butt with cock; they go to after sex.

Sounds simple enough, but at this point director Arch Brown takes us into the surreal world of Hank's dreams.

In his dreams, Hank watches Paul hungrily sucking one man's thick prick after seducing him (when his cock and

balls appear through curtains) and fucking another man's tight asshole while Hank himself sucks the cock of a

black man in the basement of a building.

Also occurring in this sexual montage dream are: Paul fucking the hairy ass of the kitten seller on a

roof, Paul and Hank painting each other's body and kissing in a water tower, two professional dancers in a

poster coming to life and dancing naked against a black background by a ladder, and Hank participating in an

orgy where he is fucked by a huge black double-headed dildo.

The dream depicts what Brown terms "lover's paranoia", the kind of insecurity one feels when one falls too

hard for someone too fast. The Advocate said that this film "proves that a little Cocteau, a dash of Fellini,

and sex do mix well." The film may be too "arty" for some porn lovers, but for others it will offer a welcome

change of pace from today's often mindless all-male features.

A BIJOU VIDEO exclusive from Hand-in-Hand Films. With Jamal Jones, Nick Kastroff, Alexis Knight, Bob

Plumber, and Bill Yort. Featuring Tim Clark and Jeffrey Etting as the dancers. Produced by Jack Deveau and

edited by Robert Alvarez. Originally shot-on-film; filmed with StudioSound, a magnetic transfer of the

original magnetic studio sound tracks for the feature.

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