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Adam & Yves

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This is a film that could only have been made in the '70s! Inspired by the early years of gay liberation and the international film renaissance, director Peter de Rome brings a gravity to the blue movie in this, his first feature, and integrates sex into story in such a way that the two are inseparable, using pornography as a means to a larger end. In Paris, hairy French Yves (Marcus Giovanni) and blond American Adam (Michael Hardwick) play games and relate sexual tales and fantasies to one another, which include a sex scene set to the recitation of a dirty W.H. Auden poem, a Bill Eld solo in an 11th century chapel, an all-black bathroom orgy, and the actual last known footage of Greta Garbo (filmed from a window). Adam and Yves is its own alpha and omega, a true first and last for gay pornography. Truly unique, this is a film that yields rich rewards.

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