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Pillow Talk 3

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The five couples in Bel Ami's Pillow Talk 3 prove that the most intimate conversations are the ones without words... sharing secrets only lovers know. Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli star in the cover episode scene that scorches though to its climax. Pillow Talk 3 starts with Kurt Diesel and Manuel Rios, Kurt being one off the more "blessed" of BelAmi models and yet Manuel has not trouble to take all that is offered. The next scene is literally a battle of the titans with Pierre Delon and Andre Pagnol. Who gets to be top in this one? Don't worry, it is a duty that they both are happy to share. After Luke and Alex get together we come to the final scene with Matt Phillipe and the ever young Sebastian Bonnet. This scene shows what happens when two models have known each other for years. They know just what to do to make the other one happy. After the champagne, other fluids flow.

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