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Bears Rear Ended 2

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We invited Jack and Macho to hang out with us, but after nothing good was on TV, they decided to entertain themselves in other ways, and we were happy they did. Macho found his happy place, legs up in a sling, where Jack does his best work. It was a long night for Pup and Ty, and after getting back to the hotel, room service was on the menu. But bellies full of food weren't the only thing getting stuffed today. Puppy Agyo needed a place to crash for a few hours to recharge his battery. Luckily, Devan is a giving person and is willing to share the bed and his cock. Benji is an old pro who loves teaching a new whore some tricks. But what he loves more is bringing people along for the ride. Never shy, Benji introduced us to his boy Javi and asked if we wanted to watch Javi take his dick. There was no way we were sitting this one out. Enjoy Bears Rear Ended 2.

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Jack Dixon And Macho Dog Entertain Themselves With A Raw Sex

These Chubby Bears Roll Up In The Hotel Room

They Love Getting Sweaty With Sucking Each Other

They Are Real Piggy, Sweaty Fuck Buddies


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