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Summer Cruising

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They're having the hottest weekend...such great times should never end!

Bel Ami/AYOR proudly presents "Summer Cruising". Take a look at what guys get up to around Prague on a lazy summer weekend, as our friendly group of visitors get out and about and meet the locals. On the boat, in the park, in the bath and in bed, the action never stops!

Three days in another town. Four buddies arrive in Prague for a hot weekend, ready to see the sights, catch some rays, and have fun with the locals and with each other too. Perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky. On the river, in a glorious park, or in a trendy apartment with a great terrace overlooking the city, they let themselves be taken by the magic of the moment. And when night falls, it's time to go out again, looking for sex and adventure, to meet a pair of boys kissing on the Castle steps. Prague also is a city that never .

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Starring:  Mark Zebro

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