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All You Can Eat

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Chi Chi serves up a heaping-helping of all-oral feeding. No need to wipe your mouth clean, there's more meat where that came from!

"Hot food and hotter sex served up on the same table, buffet-style. Savor these delicacies and go home feeling stuffed. Hungry for that man meat, baby? Can your plate ever be too full? Director Chi Chi LaRue serves it up hot and hard in this all-oral sex video.

Doug Jeffries' boyfriend Jake Taylor wants him to meet his ex Adam Wilde and his new boyfriend Todd Stevens over dinner... and Doug is not happy about it. Todd isn't too thrilled with the idea that that his boyfriend Adam has made dinner plans for them with his ex either.

In preparation for the party, Jake's butler Dax Kelly has ordered a cake for desert. The delivery guy, Jack Simmons, shows up with the cake. Upon inspection, the cake didn't fair so well on the ride over from the bakery. Dax chooses to ignore the cake and decides that he wants to taste Jack's goods instead. Dax goes back and forth from sucking on Jack's black cock to smothering it with creamy white frosting from the cake and then sucking it clean. Jack sucks on Dax's thick cock while fingering his smooth pink hole. In the end both of the guys fuck the cake until the fill it with their sticky sweet cum.

During a very uncomfortable dinner Todd Stevens decides that he's more interested in Dax, the waiter, and drops his napkin for him to pick up. While Dax is under the table retrieving the napkin he takes a moment to suck on Todd's dick. Dax decides that while he's down there he should make the rounds and moves on to suck on Doug who is trying to maintain his composure as the dinner carries on. Dax takes turns sucking off both Todd and Doug until they shoot their loads under the table.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, chefs K.C. Hart and Sam Dixon are cooking up some fun. Sam is enjoying sucking every inch of K.C.'s massive cock. K.C. gets worked up and needs to suck some cock too. He vigorously blows Sam until he's ready to shoot a load. The two chefs stroke off together and they blow their loads into a pot of spaghetti, the special ingredient for the guests' dinner.

After the two couples have finished dinner Jake asks Dax to serve the cake that he ordered. When Dax explains that there was a problem with the cake Doug and Todd have another idea for desert. The clothes come off and two couples immediately start taking turns sucking one another off in the dining room. After everyone gets a taste of each other's cock the guys all blow their loads.

In the end Doug and Todd admit that dinner with the ex-boyfriends went much better than they thought it would - and Todd adds that next time dinner is at his place."

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