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Argentine Assets #1

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Guys find any excuse to drop what they're doing to have sex with each other! First, Rodrigo and Pedro meet at a parade, then quickly head home where Rodrigo bends Pedro over to top him, then both explode and lay back to relax in sheer delight! Next, Salvador and Thomas shop in the mall for some bath salts, then end up at home in the bathroom where Salvador tops Thomas with gyrating pulses! Javiar bumps into Sasha and Diego at a magazine rack. He shows them magazine filled with hot photos and tells his friends how horny he is. Sasha and Diego offer to help Javiar with his horniness, and before long, they form a cock sucking daisy chain. Javiar's ass and mouth then get plowed from both ends with Sasha and Diego taking turns topping him! Next, Zavier and Juan visit a war memorial, then head to a ritzy hotel where Zavier tops Juan in some seemingly impossible positions. All the while, they kiss each other with hot Argentine passion, then both cum in buckets! Finally, Carlos primps in front of the bathroom mirror, then strokes his cock and masturbates in and out of the shower. He continues his beat-off session while sitting in the tub, then explodes his heavy load all over his tight abdominal muscles!

SCENE ONE takes us to a city parade where two new studs Luis and Dario meet and then quickly end up watching T.V. as they relax on the bed. Erotic tango music from the television becomes the background as they begin to softly attack each other, adding a sensual essence to their lovemaking. Soon, their beautiful red South American boxer briefs are stripped to reveal that these guys are just as big-dicked as Brazilians! As the side-burned Dario gets sucked off, he sizes the younger dude Luis's ass up with his large sexy hands. It is with this scene that the viewer notices how exquisitely filmed these scenes are. The camera somehow bends in and around the guys' private areas, showing the viewer exactly what our eyes want to see and more! Luis bends the other over to eat his dark-holed ass, smacking him with his manly hands once again. The hot camera angles continue to delight the true bottom. Viewers who are strict tops are then treated to a heavy pounding session as the boys' moans heighten. The fuck-pounding increases as he almost climaxes several times. Finally, they both explode, and then lay back to relax in sheer delight.

SCENE TWO begins with two cute boys, Salvador and Thomas, in the shopping mall, chatting on the escalator while mall music blasts a romantic ballad. After buying bubble bath, they retreat to the bathroom to check out their purchase. They end up checking each other out with tongue kisses, which soon lead to undressing. The two stylin' youths explore each others' bods with their hands and tongues. Salvador even laps his partner as a dog would willingly lick his owner. Yet another jumbo-sized cock is exposed for sucking as his balls hang surprisingly low for a lad so young. Both of the dudes with cool hairstyles, still in the bathroom, finally shuck all of their clothes so that nothing can come between these two beautiful teens. Thomas turns the other around, signaling to begin preparations for the hot fuck session, which ensues as the bathroom mirror affords the viewer with double angles of pleasure. Salvador first offers the other a complete rim job, and then he shoves his massive cock in with gyrating pulses. The camera circles around them, affording us even more hot fucking shots until he shoots his load and then is finally able to enjoy his bubble bath!

In SCENE THREE, a cutie Javiar with a white cut-off shirt buys a gay magazine at a kiosk. He bumps into two friends Sasha and Diego, shows them the magazine, and expresses to them how horny he is. Sasha throws the magazine away and offers their services instead of the mag. Before long they are sharing juice, then each others' tongues. The three hottest guys end up together in a frenzy of fuck and suck scenes. Their mouths take turns with their cocks until even their skimpy briefs are shed. One of the hottest scenes is when Javiar's mouth eats one cock, then another, switch-hitting like he can't decide which one tastes better. They then create a daisy chain where all three are simultaneously sucking each other off in a suck circle of love. Then the fucking begins with Javiar's ass and mouth getting plowed from both ends by two different hot boys. Sasha and Diego take turns and switch holes, until their loads squirt out like a squirt filled with thick milk.

SCENE FOUR begins with cute military guards watching over a war memorial which is visited by two cuties, Zavier and Juan, who then go to a ritzy hotel to begin their dirty deeds. Conservatively dressed, the two dudes definitely look better without their clothes. Juan disrobes the other and then begins to devour his cock as if it were a huge chocolate banana. The camera angles are as tight as the ass that he begins to finger, then finally fuck. The fuckee, Juan, moans in pleasure while he stretches his legs apart in seemingly impossible positions. All the while, they kiss each other, eating each others' tongues with passion. The fucking continues until Juan explodes his white juice. Then the fucker Zavier cums with buckets of white globs.

A long-haired young hottie primps in front of the bathroom mirror in SCENE FIVE. He shaves and strips to his hot black mesh boxer briefs. The self-love continues as he strokes his cock and masturbates in and out of the shower. The warm soapy water gets him even more aroused, but then he decides to towel off and continue his beat-off session while sitting in the tub. His beautiful dark skin contrasts with the white background of the tub tile. He manipulates the foreskin of his monster cock until he finally explodes his heavy load all over his tight abdominal muscles!

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