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Aaron's Adventures In Russia #3

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Andrey and Alexi #3:

Unlike in the United States where the wealth is distributed moderately evenly around the country, Russia's economic center is clearly Moscow (with a smaller center in St. Petersburg). As such, it is the primary destination for many young men who leave their rural homes in search of a better life for themselves. Andrey (age 19) and Alexi (18) are two such men. They grew up together in the same town in Ukraine. They fell in love, and after graduating together, they moved to Moscow together in search of fame and fortune. (Actually they moved to Moscow with their friend Valeri, too. You'll meet him in the next video). When not attending computer class during the day, the two moonlight as local escorts. And sexy escorts they are! They were among the first young men I met in Moscow, and two of the primary reasons I fell in love with the country. Upon finding out they were boyfriends I immediately cast them in a scene with each other. I instructed the two that I wanted their scene to be more like lovemaking than raw sex. The two obliged, and their scene is filled with tender kissing and touching. They go suck each other for a while, and finally Andrey fucks Alexi slowly and passionately. Although I offered to provide condoms, the two declined, as they do not use them in their personal sex life. As such, it is the second bareback scene ever in a Aaron movie. (Nathen and Cameron in Aaron's American Tour 2 being the first).

Aaron, Vidkid Timo, and Igor:

Shortly after we reached Moscow, Maxim introduced us to a local escort agency. The agency would bring over several boys at a time for my review. If I didn't care for them, I could give them a little something for their time. If I liked them, I could set up a time to film them, or indeed start filming them right then and there. And wouldn't you know it, I used every single boy that the agency introduced me to. Their guys were hot! Igor is a perfect example. He has a beautiful face, defined body, and a friendly personality. He was extremely shy though, and was very nervous about being on video. It took considerable effort (and servicing!) for Timo and I to put him at ease. And so the scene with Igor really has two stages. In the first half, Igor is very nervous and has a soft dick. He lies on his back a lot while Timo and I go down on him. (Believe me, we had NO problem doing this for him. Take a look at the third picture below to see what he looks like when relaxing). In the second part, Igor finally calms down, gets hard, and begins having fun. He bends me over and fucks my ass gently but firmly before pulling out and cumming all over my butt.

Aaron and Denes:

My scene with Denes (pronounced Den-yeese) is one of the more memorable of those in Russia. From the start of the scene he was extremely mellow... and uninhibited. I could have pulled all his clothes off, and I doubt he'd have blinked an eye. He responded to my every touch with subtle passion, and very much enjoyed what we did together. The reason became evident as the scene went on. He experienced a great deal of sensory enjoyment and continually wore expressions of pleasure on his face. His kissing was deep and passionate... except at times when he oddly gritted his teeth. I attributed this to insecurity about exchanging tongues, although he frequently did tongue me (and did it quite well I might add). On top of this, his dick never became hard during the entire scene. That might be a downer, except he was able to get fucked like there was no tomorrow. I didn't think anything of this, except that his quirks made for an unusual and enjoyable scene. Timo, being the worldlier of the two of us, was able to pick up on what was really going on. Denes had taken ecstasy before he came to visit us. I have no idea why (and he denied it when asked), but the signs were all there: the erection troubles, the sensory overload, the ability to get fucked like crazy, and the gritting of the teeth. All are classic signs of a guy on ecstasy. If I needed any more proof, I found it when watching the footage of the tape. The camera pans up to his face after he blows his load, and there he is with his eyes rolling back into his head. He was on a cloud higher than the joint US-Russian space station. But the scene was done and over before Timo asked Denes about it (and he denied it anyway), so there was nothing to be done. The footage was great though, so I thought I'd release a scene guaranteed to be an interesting look into human behavior chemical alteration thereof.

Aaron and Maks:

If you're an ol' timer in the Internet escort scene like myself, you may remember Yannosh, a Russian escort living in London about five years ago. He's long-retired from the business now, but when he saw online that I was heading to Russia, he got in touch with me and asked me to film his friend Maks. Maks look cute enough in his pictures so I agreed, but when he showed up in person I was stunned. He was gorgeous! If Maks was here in the USA, he'd be breaking hearts in the gay community everywhere he went. Porn offers would be made left and right, and clubs would be begging for him to come dance. In spite of all this though, he's rather insecure about his looks, and doesn't believe he is particularly attractive. I told him that he looked gorgeous on a number of occasions, but he kept denying that he was anything special. The scene itself with Maks was a lot of fun to film. Like Igor, he was very nervous and needed some relaxing. It was well worth the effort though, because his body was so hot I would have happily played with it all night. (Which, I might add, was a very real possibility. Maks is an escort, and you can check out his website here). The scene with Maks is also fun in that I blew two loads in it. Although neither of them were as fun as Maks' big cum shot at the end.

After this scene with Maks, this video contains some tourist footage of Russia.

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